Car Park Flooring Service in Maharashtra

Car parking lots are subjected to high abrasion loads from vehicles, as well as weathering, wear, mechanical damage, and chemical attack, primarily from chlorides and carbonization. These influences can eventually cause structural damage and failures. Cracks appear on the concrete surface, allowing pollutants to quickly penetrate the reinforcement steel. This may cause it to corrode and spall. As a result, costly repair work is necessary. Quite often, the structure’s physical service life is jeopardized.

So what are the critical areas of a car park structure that require extra security?

  1. Outside-exposed areas and upper decks Ramps. 
  2. Construction Joints.
  3. Areas of Entry.
  4. Decks for intermediates.
  5. Slabs that bear on the ground.

Let us talk about the difficulties these sections of a car park structure face.

  1. abrasion load from heavy vehicles passing by frequently.
  2.  chemical pollution from spilled gasoline, oil, diesel, and other liquids.
  3. rainwater leaking from exposed construction joints.
  4. The presence of water leaking from top decks has resulted in unsanitary conditions and structural damage.
  5. when subjected to cyclical traffic flow, structural movements occur.
  6. UV ray exposure on decks that are open.
  7. degradation of concrete as a result of smoke pollution from moving cars.
  8. Movements in Structure Cause Cracks.
  9. Vehicle-emitted carbon has made the walls and ceiling appear dark.
  10. Problems with slip resistance are present on exposed ramps and in places where moisture or water leaks have left the slab wet.

A quality car park flooring system's performance criteria;
Due to the various stresses that multi-story and underground parking lots experience, floor coating systems for parking lots need to be of the highest caliber.

  1. High resistance to chemicals and abrasions.
  2. Dynamic & Static Crack-bridging properties.
  3. Water-tightness.
  4. UV Stability.
  5. Shear-resistant Design.
  6. Full-surface adhesion.
  7. Rapid Curing.
  8. Withstand Thermal Movements.
  9. High Slip Resistance.
  10. Flexible & Durable Expansion Joints.
  11. Anti-Carbonation.

Car parks that are most affected are.

The most frequent, breaking, and acceleration traffic loads, along with occasionally faster speeds, are typically found at parking lot entrances and ramps. Maximum durability and resistance are required for this. An additional prerequisite in these areas is high slip resistance.

Seasonal and thermal variations are especially harsh on top decks and externally exposed areas of parking structures. Because of this, the structure and its components experience considerable dimensional changes. Drainage in these exposed areas needs to be carefully planned. Due to their higher solar reflectance and potential to help keep a building cool, light-colored coatings are preferred.

Recommended Solutions

  • Epoxy floor coating system for interior spaces.
  • Polyurethane coating system for interior and exterior applications.
  • Polyurea coating system for both interior and exterior areas.